Here is how it works:

You can either order one of our meal plans and be on a weekly recurring subscription…OR you can order each week and pay as you go. The cut off for orders each week is Tuesday at 12 am (midnight) for the following Saturday’s Meal Day.

  1. We send out email reminders each week that include a link that will take you to our Order page.  We have 1 “Meal Day” each week on Saturday for customers to either have their food delivered to their house here in the Albuquerque area or customers can come by our location to pick up their meals.  If you aren’t going to be home during our delivery times, we ask that you place a cooler with ice packs at your door for us to place your food into. If there is not a cooler left out for us to place the food into, we reserve the right to use our discretion in regard to leaving the food at your doorstep OR taking it back to our store for you to pick up the following day from us.  We deliver on Saturdays from about 1 to 8 pm.

We have a couple of menus for you to choose from:  Custom (build your own) and/or our Keto Menu.

  1. Would you like to be put you on our menu email list?  Just fill in your name and email on the pop up!  Or if you didn’t get a chance to fill it in, you can scroll to the bottom of the site (in the footer) and sign up in the Opt-in form there!
  1. Please note that “special requests” or custom modifications to meals ordered are at the discretion of the Chef.  If you are needing specific kinds of combinations or are requesting an ingredient to be changed from a Keto meal, then please be advised that we likely cannot do that.  In that instance, please order from our Custom Meal Menu and build your own order.

Want to get started on a Custom Meal plan but don’t know what your calorie intake or Macro-nutrient (Macro) numbers are?  We have you covered!  We work with a certified nutritionist to get you going with the right plan tailored just for you to help you reach your goals. Just click here to select the option that is right for you:  Macro Questionnaire


The Plan Options lay out the basic packages currently available.  Each of the subscription plans is on a weekly recurring payment plan through PayPal and your payment source (bank, card etc.) which means that when you order… you will be re-billed each week on the same day.

When you complete payment for a subscription, you will be redirected to a page that will give you more information on how you order and your meal plan’s “Coupon Code” that you need to use on the Checkout page.


All the plans have a cutoff day and time.  This allows us the opportunity to order the correct amount of ingredients necessary to prepare you a fresh and delicious meal!

Here is the cutoff day and time:

Tuesday at 12 am – Midnight

(Sunday is the only day that is not covered in any of our Meal Plan Options – that is your day to eat mindfully on your own!)