Chef Mario

I have had a passion for cooking since I was very young. I was taught the art of making pizza at the age of 17 and it changed my life.

Growing up in New York and being Italian, food was a way of life! In my house, it was what brought the family together and was more than just “dinner.” It was a way to connect – but it was also a way to show love and to comfort.

My career went in many different directions; starting with my opening my own Pizzeria at age 19, to cooking in the Army for 3 years and then owning several restaurants in Atlanta for 9 years. For the past 4 years, I have been the Executive Chef for the Albuquerque Isotopes (finally combining my love of food and sports!), as well as the Santa Ana Star Center, the Colorado State University Stadium and I assisted with the opening of the Spring Training facilities for the Oakland A’s and the Chicago Cubs.

It has been during the last 4 years that I really learned about the importance and impact healthy meals have on athletes. I have been careful to outsource the best proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates that I can find for the players. Each home game I prepare both the pre and post-game meals for home and visiting team players. There have been plenty of times where I’ve also been given specific requests or requirements that need to be followed in regard to what the athletes like and/or need to eat.

It has been my pleasure to cook for athletes such as:

Trey Brewer: Bodybuilder

Jay Payton: New York Mets

Josh Hamilton: Texas Rangers

Peter Bourjos: LA Angels

Latroy Hawkins: Toronto Blue Jays

Charlie Culberson: Colorado Rockies

Glenallen Hill: Colorado Rockies

Rick Sweets: Milwaukie Brewers

Robert Edwards: Georgia Bulldogs/New England Patriots

Mark Teixeira: Georgia Tech/New York Yankees

Joe Forte: NBA referee

Paul Hewitt: Georgia Tech Basketball coach

This experience has ignited a new fire in me – one that involves cooking fresh, tasty, HEALTHY food! Not just for athletes, but for anyone who is looking to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

So join me in this new and exciting time…where we can feel great, eat healthy and love every bite!

Mario D’Elia